Celebrating our Workforce: International Labour Day at Innovo



This International Labor Day, we organized a special celebration for our workforce, the true backbone of Innovo. Our success is built on the shoulders of our strong labor force, comprising 9,000 talented individuals across the UAE and Egypt. This was an opportunity for us to express appreciation for the collective effort that has made Innovo a leader in the construction sector.

The event was held at our Staff Accommodation, where we recognised the achievements of a number of our team members, as well as celebrating the unwavering commitment to excellence shown by all of our staff.

At Innovo, we are dedicated to providing our workforce with the support they need to thrive, including ongoing training, career development, and a safe working environment. Our workforce is the cornerstone of our success, and we are immensely proud of their remarkable contributions. It's their work ethic and determination that keep us moving forward and reaching new heights in construction.