Innovo Chief Technology Officer gives speech on AI-powered construction capabilities at Construction Technology ConFex in Dubai



Innovo CTO Roger Wahl was invited to speak at the Construction Technology ConFex in Dubai, UAE earlier this month. The event was held from May 31 to June 1, with over 600 people in attendance. Wahl discussed the disruptive force of generative design & AI-enabled BIM modelling in the MENA construction sector, presenting case studies on Innovo’s latest innovations in the areas of reality capture, 4D AI analytics & reporting and the integration of LiDAR scanning, Digital Twin, AI, and robotics.

“Right now, we are witnessing the transformative effect of integrating new and established technologies on the project lifecycle”, said Wahl. “At Innovo, we’re already seeing the benefits of this new system in the form of increased efficiency, better risk detection, improved visibility & communication, and time & cost savings. We’re eager to share our experience and insight with industry peers to accelerate the digitalization of our sector, increase profit margins, and make better use of our data to deliver greener, higher quality assets and safer working conditions.”

The conference, the largest construction tech event in the MENA region, brought together thought leaders, industry pioneers and digitalization & construction tech experts from across the construction & real estate sectors. Speakers and other attendees explored use cases of emerging tech implementation and encouraged the adoption of innovative design & build methods to pave the way for a more productive, profitable and sustainable industry.