Innovo launches the Revive Programme



Innovo is proud to announce the launch of the Revive Programme, an employee wellness campaign that will focus on encouraging a culture of well-being over the next 12 months. 

The Revive Programme kicked off in September 2023 with two successful events in the Dubai and Egypt offices, where employees were invited to participate in various health checkups with reputable doctors who were present on site.  

At the Dubai event, staff were able to discover their body mass index, check their blood pressure and sugar levels, and have a general health consultation. A professional nutritionist and fitness coach from Metrofitt also gave a body composition analysis and nutritional advice. The final part of the event included a guided explanation of simple stretching exercises that can be done at our desks throughout the day, which was conducted by a LIVFIT coach. 

In Egypt, staff participated in an informative awareness session about wellbeing, which included a seated yoga class. Professional doctors provided on-the-spot tests for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, kidney and liver functions. 

As part of the Revive Programme, we have also launched an employee rewards scheme, where staff can avail discounts at various restaurants, gyms, salons, retail stores, education institutions and top attractions, which can be accessed through the Innovo 'Your Rewards' app.

"We believe that a healthy, happy workforce is the cornerstone of our success," says Mariam Azmy, Chief People Officer of Innovo. "Our Revive initiative is a testament to our commitment to our people's well-being. By investing in their health and happiness, we are investing in the future of our company."

We will be hosting further Revive wellness site-based days in November 2023, and we are very excited to embark on this journey towards a healthier, happier workplace and look forward to seeing the positive effect on our employees in the coming weeks.