Innovo partners with Contilio to digitally transform the UAE construction sector



Innovo has formed a strategic partnership with world-leading 4D AI analytics platform Contilio as part of its digital transformation journey. Together, we are developing AI-powered building solutions that will accelerate Innovo’s move towards digitized, more streamlined project delivery, and promote safer, more productive and sustainable construction processes across the industry. We are integrating AI, Machine Learning, Digital Twin and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) on a major project in the UAE. This solution will be rolled out on a second project in the near future.

Innovo’s AI-powered building solution

We are developing an integrated system that can capture and analyze vast amounts of point cloud data at an unprecedented rate. This system will enable us to track project performance and deliver substantial value in the form of risk detection and prevention, increased digital capabilities, optimized quality control, and delivering the as-built BIM model with greater accuracy. By automating building processes and gaining actionable, data-driven insights with AI, we can streamline delivery processes, boost productivity and build faster, smarter, more sustainably and at a lower cost.

AI as a driving force in our digital transformation strategy

“We are on a digitalization journey, bringing together innovation, automation and advanced data capabilities to drive transformation, sustainability and growth”, said Innovo Chief Technology Officer Roger Wahl. “Our partnership with Contilio is a crucial part of that transformation, as we explore how integrating established and emerging technologies can transform the way we conduct our operations and make use of site data.”

“AI is emerging as a disruptive force in the construction sector, and it is imperative that our industry, which remains heavily reliant on manual systems, capitalize on the potential of AI-powered construction”, said Innovo CEO, Bishoy Azmy. “We are taking a leading role in accelerating the digitization of the construction sector and hope that our partnership with Contilio inspires industry peers to similarly invest in AI building solutions.”

Zara Riahi, CEO of Contilio added, “We are incredibly excited to partner with and support Innovo in their digital transformation journey. As with any major industry disruption, it takes innovation champions like Innovo to drive meaningful change, and we look forward to working collaboratively to bring significant cost savings, and carbon efficiency to Innovo, and their construction and development portfolio.”

Driving the AI revolution in HR

“We are also keen to harness the power of AI to unlock the creative potential of HR personnel. By automating HR processes and relieving our HR teams of repetitive, time-consuming tasks, they could dedicate their efforts towards more creative, complex and rewarding work”, said Mariam Azmy, Innovo’s Chief People Officer. “We are also looking to leverage learning analytics to identify knowledge gaps and gain insight into the best ways our employees learn and develop skills. This would allow us to develop more impactful learning & development strategies and offer our employees more personalized career growth opportunities”.