Bvlgari Ocean Mansions


Location: Jumeirah Bay, Dubai, UAE

Industry: General Contracting

Client: Meraas

Status: Ongoing

Description: Seven ultra-luxury Bvlgari ocean mansions.

Innovo is the main contractor for the design and construction of seven ultra-luxury Bvlgari ocean mansions, including the associated infrastructure, marine, landscaping and MEP works. The ultimate in luxury living, the villas sit atop the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea and gracefully join the northern shores of Jumeirah Bay Island in Dubai.

Case Study

Part 1: Infrastructure

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the intricate infrastructure works, encompassing street lighting, irrigation, sewerage, stormwater, water supply, district cooling, electrical LV, telecom, and fire alarm networks. Overcoming challenges of existing infrastructure, we meticulously determined tie-in points through trial pits, adapting the design to as-built conditions while strictly adhering to authority specifications.

The logistics and mobilization plan were paramount, ensuring unobstructed progress from excavations to building works. Our dedication culminated in the seamless handover of all works to the esteemed Dubai Emirates local authorities.

Part 2: Marine

Embarking on the marine aspect, we orchestrated a symphony of meticulous steps:

  • Removed old armor rock (3 to 6 tons).
  • Created a 30-meter platform in the water with quarry run rock.
  • Layered the platform with sand.
  • Precisely drilled 12 piles for each villa.
  • Post-pile completion, expertly removed the sand platform.
  • Partially removed and modified the slope of the quarry run platform.
  • Installed new armor rock (1 to 6 tons) with precision.
  • Commenced slab shuttering.

Navigating logistical challenges, we transported materials by sea freight, ensuring heavy machinery movement adhered to safety procedures and regulations. Innovo’s mastery transformed challenges into triumphs, creating an enduring legacy in the realm of luxury developments.