El Dabaa Agricultural Land Reclamation


Location: Dabaa, Egypt

Industry: General Contracting

Client: National Service Projects Organization

Status: Completed

Description: An integrated system of irrigation and agricultural mechanisms with the latest equipment and techniques.

Innovo has made significant strides in the agricultural landscape of Dabaa, Egypt, by providing a modern and integrated system of irrigation and agricultural mechanisms. Equipped with the latest techniques, our solution has transformed the way farming is conducted in the region. At the heart of this system lies a vast network of pivot centre irrigation devices, numbering in the thousands. These devices ensure precise water distribution and application, optimising crop growth while minimising water wastage. By harnessing advanced technology and combining it with our expertise, we enable farmers in Dabaa to achieve higher yields, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable practices. Innovo’s cutting-edge agricultural solutions have not only revolutionised farming in Dabaa, but also contributed towards the overall socio-economic development of the region.