Toshka South Valley Agriculture Development


Location: Toskha City, Egypt

Industry: General Contracting

Client: National Service Projects Organization

Status: Ongoing

Description: Infrastructure and reclamation works for the Toshka South Valley Agriculture Development Project.

Innovo played a pivotal role in providing the necessary infrastructure for the Toshka South Valley Agriculture Development Project, which is one of the most important national projects in Egypt. With strong expertise and commitment to excellence, Innovo successfully executed various aspects of this ambitious initiative. 

First and foremost, the company meticulously planned and constructed a comprehensive network of roads, connecting the different areas within the project site and facilitating efficient transportation of resources, equipment, and produce. Additionally, the team spearheaded the establishment of a state-of-the-art irrigation system, leveraging advanced technologies to ensure optimal water management and distribution across the vast agricultural lands. Furthermore, the team implemented the construction of a 3km canal and various concrete structures. 

In addition to Innovo’s involvement in the initial Toshka Agriculture Development Project, Innovo was also instrumental in the second phase of the project. The team’s expertise in infrastructure and reclamation was once again put to use as they undertook the construction of vital components for the project’s success. One of the notable achievements was the construction of a 5km canal that serves as a lifeline for efficient water distribution throughout agricultural lands. 

Furthermore, Innovo undertook the responsibility of establishing a well-connected road network, facilitating smooth transportation of goods within the area. The team’s active involvement in the second phase of the Toshka South Valley Agriculture Development Project has enabled the region to harness its agricultural potential effectively, contributing to increased food production and fostering economic growth in Egypt.