About Us

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Born out of ASGC Group, with more than 35 years experience delivering some of the world’s most iconic buildings and best-known real estate developments, Innovo is a fully integrated global business operating across all facets of the built environment.

Headquartered in the UK, with a team of highly experienced and dedicated people across four continents, Innovo offers a wide range of services from construction, engineering and real estate development, to infrastructure financing, project management and international procurement.

While maintaining our reputation for impeccable project delivery, an exceptional health and safety record and unrivalled customer service, Innovo is committed to introducing smart technology and innovative sustainability practices to positively disrupt the traditional sectors we operate in, and in doing so further help our clients achieve their goals and ambitions. We are also committed to delivering social value to all the communities we are active in around the world.

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Our People

Our Vision and Mission


To provide the world’s best construction and real estate services for our clients, and in doing so enable a more sustainable future and a better way of life for the communities in the built environments we help create.


We are pioneers in the construction and real estate development sectors, using cutting edge technology to create real social value and protect the environment.

Our Commitments


Sustainability is one of the core principles of our business. Who we are, how we operate and who we choose to partner with, are all guided by our commitment to managing climate change and leaving behind a viable planet for generations to come.

As a construction and real estate business, we recognise the impact our industry has had on the natural world. The built environment accounts for 40% of global carbon emissions and rapid urban development has led to decreased biodiversity and increased habitat loss. We are taking bold and decisive action, leveraging disruptive technologies, smart construction solutions and innovative design and engineering methods to deliver sustainable and resilient spaces, infrastructure and communities.

As an industry leader in the Middle East and North Africa, it is our ethical and social responsibility to drive decarbonisation efforts in the region. Our exceptional and dedicated team of people is continuously innovating and actively seeks out supply chain partners that share our values and prioritise the welfare of our planet. We also establish digital alliances to deploy technologies that enable us to build more sustainable assets.

Applying smart technology to improve delivery

We are constantly on the look out for new, smart tech that not only makes clients’ projects faster and more efficient, but also enables more sustainable and cost-effective building methods.

Some of the smart tech we currently use includes:

BIM models that enable us to digitally manage project data, improve coordination and communication, mitigate risk and reduce cost.

Digital twin - digital replicas of physical entities – that enable us to correct design errors and prevent operational and safety risks.

IoT and connected sensors to remotely monitor sites and project performance, including wearable sensors that can capture real-time data on operating conditions, productivity levels and the health and safety of workers.

AI-powered project monitoring and computer visualisations, which enable us to predict and prevent operational, environmental and safety issues. AI also enables us to better monitor inventory from point of origin to delivery.