Building beyond boundaries

With over 35 years at the forefront of the construction industry as a general contractor, we are committed to developing innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges. Operating in both UAE and Egypt, we endeavour to redefine construction practices for a greener future by seamlessly integrating sustainability and pioneering technologies.

We combine exceptional design expertise with superior build quality and efficient performance that underpin our asset-light approach to construction. Our projects range from the design and construction of high-rise towers, hospitality projects, residential developments, industrial projects, commercial centres and community-focused projects, such as hospitals, schools and transportation hubs.

Innovo MEP is built on the success and enduring legacy established by ASU, paving the way for innovation and progress in its wake.

With our MEP 2.0 vision, we aim to revolutionise the MEP industry through cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and innovative solutions. We are committed to delivering exceptional MEP, ICT and sustainable engineering services that exceed industry standards, drive operational efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable built environment.

Innovo Infrastructure, Roads & Marine Works proudly provides an extensive array of services, encompassing roads, infrastructure, bridges and marine works. This spans design, engineering, infrastructure financing, project management and international procurement. Innovo’s commitment to excellence ensures comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Infrastructure is the leading enabler of the economic growth of any country, enhancing the development cycle and creating widespread employment opportunities. Innovo’s many years of experience span critical infrastructure projects, including wastewater and transportation, employing state-of-the-art execution methods while maintaining the highest safety standards.



Implementation of the most advanced

While maintaining its reputation for impeccable project delivery, an exceptional health and safety record and unrivalled customer service, Innovo is committed to introducing smart technology and innovative sustainability practices to positively disrupt the traditional sectors it operates in, and in doing so, further help its clients achieve their goals and ambitions.

Drone surveys

Innovo harnesses state-of-the-art drone technologies, incorporating laser light features to intricately capture detailed site maps, encompassing large area mapping, GIS mapping, and immersive 3D rendering. Its utilisation of drone surveys not only saves significant time, effort and cost, but also guarantees exceptional accuracy and swift data collection across extensive territories. These drones offer unparalleled access to challenging environments such as remote sand dunes and rugged terrains, enabling it to deliver comprehensive mapping solutions even in the most inaccessible locations. This innovative approach underscores Innovo’s commitment to efficient and advanced methodologies in site assessment and data acquisition.

Underground existing utilities survey detection

Innovo utilises cutting-edge Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technologies to precisely locate the intricate network of underground utilities such as gas, water, sewer, and irrigation pipelines, as well as electrical cables including high voltage (HV), medium voltage (MV), low voltage (LV) and fiber optic lines. These advanced techniques enable the company to detect various pipe materials like HDPE, PVC, GRP, DI, and cables that are up to 10 metres beneath the ground. Once identified, the system generates highly accurate 3D maps, detailing both horizontal and vertical alignments with exceptional precision. This transformative technology significantly reduces the need for manual excavation, minimising disturbances to green areas and the existing ground, whilst also ensuring safe and efficient procedures. Not only does it streamline processes, but it also mitigates the risks associated with deep excavations, preventing potential damage to crucial utility services. Ultimately, Innovo’s implementation of GPR technology is a cost-effective and time-saving solution, revolutionising how it approaches underground utility detection and maintenance.

Pipes inspection utilising CCTV cameras and robots

Innovo uses advanced robotic inspections equipped with modern CCTV cameras, ensuring its pipe inspection technology stands at the forefront of innovation. This sophisticated system adeptly detects damages, blockages, leaks, and any deviations within pipes, safeguarding thorough assessments and generating comprehensive graphs and precise measurements. Integrating advanced sensors and a high-resolution camera, this setup seamlessly interfaces with a computer system, capturing live images and videos in real-time. This advanced technological solution ensures meticulous monitoring and ongoing assessments of pipelines, delivering accurate and actionable insights for efficient maintenance and remediation.

Asphalt crack detection & measurement

Innovo leverages pioneering laser scanning technology on roads to meticulously acquire precise 3D road surface profiles. This innovative approach enables a detailed assessment of asphalt integrity, allowing the company to identify and measure cracks, potholes, patching, rutting, joints, and other surface irregularities with exceptional accuracy. This modern methodology provides in-depth insights which are crucial for formulating targeted and effective maintenance plans.

Case Study

Delve into Innovo's accomplished case studies, illustrating professionalism and excellence in infrastructure and marine engineering.

Marine Bridges

Innovo successfully completed the design and construction of Lagoon Bridge, an impressive 350m x 9m divided highway bridge in Abu Dhabi, featuring a pre-cast, pre-stressed girder structure with a 70-ton capacity, utilising bored piles ranging from 60cm to 150cm, and spanning a maximum of 12 meters a ...

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Bvlgari Ocean Mansions

Innovo played a pivotal role in crafting the magnificent Bulgari Ocean Villas in Jumeirah Bay, the epitome of luxury living. Poised above the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, these seven ultra-luxury villas seamlessly blend with the northern shores of Jumeirah Bay Island in Dubai. Part 1: In ...

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Our Legacy & Expertise

Our infrastructure projects stand as a testament to an enduring legacy of expertise, showcasing a history of successful execution and a commitment to excellence within the industry.

Al Gurm Development

Al Gurm Development (Phase 2)

Marsa Al Arab

The Grove Phase 1

Internal Roads in Nad Al Shiba 2

Murooj Al Furjan Villas & TH for Phase 3 & 5