Empowering our

Innovo empowers its workforce to prioritise work decisions that impact health, safety, and the environment. Every employee and project stakeholder have the right to stop work if they believe it is unsafe or may cause harm to the environment. Innovo recognises that its employees are the driving force behind its success, and their well-being is of paramount importance. Through comprehensive training programmes, ongoing education, and robust safety procedures, Innovo aims to foster an environment where every employee feels safe, confident, supported, and equipped to make responsible decisions.

Innovo’s commitment to empowering its workforce ensures that they not only excel in their roles, but also thrive in an environment that values their health, safety, and the preservation of our natural world.


Management commitments play a central role in effective leadership within any organisation. At Innovo, these commitments serve as a guiding framework, outlining the principles and values that its leaders adhere to in their daily operations. They encompass a range of responsibilities, including fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and integrity.

By embracing these commitments, its management not only sets the tone for the entire organisation, but also establishes a solid foundation for growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

Workforce Commitments and Golden Rules for HSE

Innovo’s Workforce Commitments and Golden Rules for Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) serve as the foundations for its commitment to employee well-being, environmental sustainability, and operational excellence.

Developed in collaboration with its HSE department, these commitments and rules form the foundation of its approach in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. They emphasise the importance of proactive risk identification, the creation of hazard-free environments, and the fostering of a safety-first ethos.

Together, the workforce commitments and golden rules exemplify Innovo’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental responsibility across all facets of Innovo’s operations.


“Ensuring safety stands as the foundation of our success. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to prioritise the well-being of our workforce, customers, and communities. Through the adoption of proactive safety measures and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels a sense of security, value, and inspiration to achieve their full potential.”

David Robinson

HSE & ESG Director