Innovo has set ambitious targets for the company in the areas of waste reduction and recycling that are tracked and reported at an executive level. Innovo shares its knowledge and vision with its partners, carefully choosing reputable consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to help build a sustainable and transparent supply chain. Innovo’s commitment to green building is evident in ongoing projects, including Six Senses The Palm (LEED Silver), the Louvre Residences (Estidama Pearl 2), Orla (LEED Gold) and the BREEAM-certified Elysian Mansions project.

Innovo favors working with local contractors and suppliers to develop sustainable and durable residential properties and build more energy-efficient structures, for instance, partnering with geothermal energy contractors in Canada, and adopting less resource-intensive building methods.


Innovo has several affiliations with educational establishments offering students internships, work experience, and the opportunity to work with functions on special projects such as design workshops, starting with the student’s ideas from a design brief to concept design and on to the final design with the students taking the lead in delivering their vision and gaining skills and experience along the journey.

Innovo’s projects and project management teams are reshaping the lives of people in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, delivering infrastructure projects, including large-scale road works, hospitals, residential projects, and factories, that will drastically improve the quality of life for local communities and creating thousands of job opportunities.

The physical and mental wellbeing of its people, partners and stakeholders is of the utmost importance to Innovo and it runs a well-developed health and wellbeing program available to all our employees and families along with occupational health monitoring and medical referral process.


Innovo has developed a robust environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve this, Innovo partnered with a leading consultant to develop a holistic, sustainable business framework with a focus on, measuring and increasing positive social and environmental impact, reducing its carbon footprint, optimising health and safety performance, and establishing strong auditing and reporting systems.

To ensure transparency, Innovo has committed to reporting against recognised global standards. Global Reporting initiatives GRI - Standards (globalreporting.org) To achieve this by 2025 we have created an ESG roadmap containing time frames and targets.

ESG Road Map

As a fully integrated global business operating across all facets of the built environment, Innovo recognizes the importance of a sustainable business and the benefits of transparent reporting.

In line with this, Innovo has completed an Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) roadmap as part of our overall sustainable business strategy.
"If you don't measure it, you can't manage it." This mantra has driven Innovo to set specific targets and objectives.

Innovo is committed to report transparently against globally recognized standards on an annual basis, sharing wins and lessons learned.

Innovo remains committed to pushing boundaries on performance, collaborating with partners and our supply chain, and driving positive change in the industry. Innovo will continue to pursue the goal of becoming a more sustainable business that benefits the environment, its people and the communities in which it operates.

Download ESG Roadmap

ESG Strategy - Pillars for the Future


Revolutionise the construction industry, bringing creativity, innovation and technology to disrupt the traditional construction practices.


Measure and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

Measure and report total energy usage, water consumption and waste from our operations, including our staff accommodation, and our fleet.

Measure and report Health & Safety Performance across all operations.

Measure the base line on people metrics on our people commitments.


Establish robust science-based targets for GHG emissions reduction towards a Net-Zero target.

Develop and communicate impactful KPIs which push the organization to be a regional leader.


Support our supply chain partners on our combined journey through positive engagement.

Engage local communities to understand the impacts of our operations.

Establish strong links to education in our communities to help develop the future sustainability leaders.

Establish a robust HR governance framework that underpins our social commitment in the approach to our people.


Annual reporting of progress against our goals and share the successes.

Share and learn from the lessons of our failures and share the successes.

Disclose wider sustainability performance to recognized international standards.


Ensure ESG is embedded within our business culture.