Building beyond boundaries

With more than 35 years leading the construction industry as a general contractor, Innovo is committed to developing innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges. Through the integration of sustainability and cutting-edge technologies in the projects we undertake, we strive to redefine construction practices for a greener future.

The company combines exceptional design expertise with superior build quality and efficient performance that underpins its asset-light approach to construction. Projects range from the design and construction of high-rise towers, residential developments, commercial centres and community-focused projects, such as hospitals, schools and transportation hubs.


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Elevating construction excellence: Leading the way in the construction sectors








HSE Commitments

At Innovo, our commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is integral to our core values and operations. These commitments are set out in our management and workforce policies.

Our management commitments aim to foster transparency, accountability, and integrity, setting the foundation for sustainable growth.

Our workforce commitments prioritise well-being, safety, and compliance as well as protecting the environment.

To meet these requirements, our HSE team is focused on continuously improving across our operations, including proactive risk identification, maintenance of harzard-free spaces and support for workforce health and wellbeing.

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Innovo's Commitment to Quality: Building Excellence, Sustainably

Innovo is dedicated to embedding quality principles into every aspect of its company culture. This is achieved by empowering team members to leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to maximise their performance. Through ongoing training and development, Innovo cultivates a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging all employees to achieving exceptional results.

As part of its philosophy and commitment to quality, Innovo embraces the Zero Rework approach epitomised by its slogan ‘Do it right first time, every time’. This approach not only saves time, but also reduces costs, and optimises resource utilisation.

Our unwavering commitment to quality translates into key benefits:

Maintaining an excellent reputation

Innovo is proud of the trust its clients place in them, and will continuously strive to exceed their expectations.

Retaining satisfied customers

By delivering projects that consistently meet the highest standards, Innovo builds long-lasting relationships with its clients.

Promoting sustainable construction

Innovo believes in building for the future, and its commitment to sustainability, ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

Saving time and reducing costs

Innovo’s focus on Zero Rework minimises waste and inefficiencies, leading to cost savings and project completion within the budget and schedule.

Optimising resource utilisation

By doing things right the first time, Innovo will be able to free up resources that can be allocated to other critical areas.

Innovo is committed to delivering exceptional results in every project, building a brighter future for its clients, workforce, and the environment.

Innovation & Technology

Innovo actively pursues, develops, implements, and deploys state-of-the-art advancements and smart technologies. This dedication to innovation and technology enables it to redefine conventional approaches to construction, and consistently deliver the innovative and sustainable projects that have underscored our position as an industry leader.


Innovo’s BIM models optimise design, reduce costs, and enhance communication.

Digital Twin & 4D AI

Innovo’s 4D AI solution, integrates LiDAR, digital twin, and AI, ensuring precise insights and predictive analytics.

Robotics for Construction

Innovo leverages robotics in construction, elevating project efficiency and precision for superior outcomes.

IoT solutions

Through IoT, Innovo monitors energy consumption and workforce productivity, driving cost reduction and improving HSE practices.
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