The number of countries pledging to achieve net-zero emissions in the coming decades is steadily increasing. As a responsible corporate citizen, Innovo is firmly committed to supporting the countries in which it operates in, along with its clients, aligning with the global goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Recognising the urgent need to address climate change, Innovo is currently implementing a comprehensive array of innovative solutions and sustainable practices across its operations. Through the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies, renewable energy sources, adoption of energy-efficient practices, implementation of smart building designs, and optimisation of transportation logistics, Innovo has successfully initiated the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Innovo has actively pursued partnerships with clean energy providers, supporting the development and deployment of renewable energy projects. The company strives to lead by example and inspire others to embrace sustainable practices, ultimately contributing to the global net-zero emissions goal.

Sustainable Site Power Solutions

As part of its commitment to sustainable practices, Innovo has introduced innovative solutions to minimise its carbon footprint and encourage the efficient use of energy resources across our projects.

Innovo Site Office
The i-energy platform is a vital tool for monitoring energy consumption and production. Its functionalities include:
  • Tracking generator efficiency along with fuel savings and GHG reduction
  • Detecting inefficient generator usage
  • Monitoring energy consumption of facilities
  • Enhancing energy cost estimations and budgeting for future projects
  • Providing site teams, an efficient and effective process to order generators

One of the primary ways that enables Innovo to achieve this goal, is through the adoption of sustainable site power systems, including:

Remote Live
Monitoring System

This enables Innovo to make decisions remotely and address any inefficiencies in performance if they arise.

Hybrid Power Plants

The Hybrid Photovoltaic Diesel Generators (PV-DG) power plant is a power generation system consisting of diesel generators paralleled with solar PV panels.

Over the last year, Innovo’s PV-DG power plants has produced 6.5 million kwh of electricity, with solar energy accounting for 12% of this. This has successfully reduced its carbon emissions by 3.2 million kg where they are implemented.


Innovo’s synchronous power plants harness the power of advanced technology to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply.

Synchronous generators have a ‘totalisation’ and ‘synchronisation’ panel, allowing them to operate multiple generators together to achieve optimum efficiency.

Modern controllers and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are implemented into the generators to control and monitor them remotely to evaluate the efficiency and the emissions periodically.

On certain projects, Innovo has achieved the following environmental impacts in comparison to the ordinary power solutions:


emissions have been slashed by

30% to 50%

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption

0.29-0.40 (L/kWh)

This is a significant improvement over the 0.50 to 0.75 range observed in ordinary power plants.

GHG Emission Reduction

The table demonstrates the enhanced diesel efficiency of synchronous power plants in achieving CO2 reduction.

Emissions (kgCO2)

  • Ordinary Generator 2022
  • Synchronous Generator 2023

Innovo’s sustainable site power solutions not only contribute to a positive environmental impact by reducing harmful CO2 effects but also elevate the overall efficiency and resilience of its project sites, fostering a greener and more sustainable future. 

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