Investment &
Venture Capital

Bridging business and benefaction

Innovo invests in founders and leaders of exceptional tech-enabled businesses with high-growth potential; businesses that improve construction and real estate project outcomes, ultimately enhancing people’s lives, their communities and the environment.

Innovo seeks out technology disruptors in the construction and real estate sectors, providing support to management teams on business development, governance and operational matters.

Innovo offers its partners the opportunity to collaborate on Innovo projects, as well introducing them to its extensive network, including industry peers, big tech, academic institutions and government bodies. All its partners share an ambition to create more sustainable and profitable ways of building that benefit society.

Our strategic investments

Innovo’s strategic investments encompass two prominent venture capital firms: Brick & Mortar and A/O Proptech, representing its commitment to traditional infrastructure and cutting-edge property technology. These partnerships extend beyond financial involvement, enabling the company to collaborate closely towards multifaceted objectives.

Central to its collaboration is direct engagement with 50+ startups within their network and access to the annual comprehensive research and development insights of over 1,000 startups geared towards identifying products and companies that augment safety, productivity and sustainability in its operations. Innovo are pioneers in piloting its innovative offerings across the GCC.

AI platforms

Project optimization tools

Sustainable technologies

Energy-efficient materials

Autonomous vehicles