Operating a sustainable business model is core to Innovo’s values, including who we are, how we work, and how we choose our partners.

Innovo’s commitment to sustainability involves:

Optimising supply chains to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sourcing materials locally where possible and from renewable or sustainable resources.

Relying on renewable energy sources to power facilities.

Affiliating with local communities and educational establishments to benefit the next generations.

Developing and nurturing our people and talent pool.

Through its work with export credit agencies, Innovo partners with sustainability specialists and auditors to monitor and report on its carbon footprint, resource consumption, environmental and social impacts, and its health and safety performance across the projects it manages. Innovo adheres to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) sustainable lending recommendations, the International Finance Corporation’s sustainability framework, and the Equator Principles.

Innovo’s Green Building Projects

Six Senses The Palm

LEED Silver Certified

Orla, Dorchester Collection

LEED Gold Certified

Park Street Edition

LEED Gold Certified

Saadiyat Lagoons

Estidama Pearl 1

Louvre Residences

Estidama Pearl 2, LEED Silver Certified

Elysian Mansions